You’re being Called.

FREE 2 Day Virtual/Live Event!
May 20th, 21st and 22nd!
Virtual Live Stream from 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Eastern Time
Find Your Next Edge as a Leader & 
Create Your Movement!
plus, watch new episodes never seen before from the Awakening GIANTS TV Series!
The Sleeping Giant of Humanity is Waking. 
It’s YOU!
In these 2 Days you will get to:
  • Find that Next Edge outside of your comfort zone that will catapult you into your Divine Destiny
  • ​Find the Courage, Compassion, and Commitment to Lead in a greater way
  • ​Experience Present-Time Tools to activate your awakened Self
  • ​Realize how to tap into greater Spiritual Intelligence 
  • ​Gain the Empowerment to Create your Movement!
  • ​Discover a First-of-It’s-Kind TV Series that puts YOU in the drivers seat for social change
  • ​Be the Ripple Creating a Massive Wave of Contribution!

Our World Has Changed. 
And it's time for you to...

  • Break out of the rut, break free from the past
  • Step into what brings you Joy 
  •  Connect to others who are on compassionately ready to serve you
  • ​Find that deeper meaning in  your life
  • ​Recognize the true and new leader in you
Find Greater Purpose and Fulfillment.
Who Am I?
Is there a little voice inside that tries to protect you from failure, humiliation, and loss that says, “Who am I to do this, to want this, to make this happen? Who will listen to me, who will trust me?” This voice is NOT your friend. It’s keeping you from your destiny and the IMPACT that you can make in your family, community and the world. You matter and so does your mission!
When Will I Have Enough?
You’ve heard it said that everyone always wants something. If you have money, you want more time. If you have resources, you want the right kind of support to get you to where you want to go. There is no lack of resources, even time. The lack you may be experiencing is the know how to alchemize the challenge into an opportunity. We got you!
What Am I Supposed To Do?
There is a saying - "Trust and Allow and don’t ask How." You aren’t ever given the whole picture. The Divine will give you the vision and the spark, but not the steps to take except the very next one. So most people never get their dream or project launched because they are waiting for all the steps, or they are waiting for the right conditions to show up. Your next step is right here!

You ARE Enough. You CAN Do What You Dream. 
The WAY IS Provided.

Providing YOU step in and take action. 

The Divine doesn't call the qualified, it qualifies the CALLED. Isn’t it time for you to really discover and live as the GIANT you were meant to be? 

Your GIANT Journey begins with a single step beyond your comfort zone. And the CAST of AwakeningGIANTS is ready to take you on that journey!

Unlike anything else you've experienced...
 -- Bolster your Courage to face and erase fears and limiting beliefs
 -- Deepen your Compassion for Self and Others which turns on the Laws of Prosperity
 -- Grow your Commitment to Live the Life you were Born To Live! 

What Is AwakeningGIANTS?

Grab some tissues and watch as veteran and aspiring changemakers conquer their fears, heal from limiting beliefs, band together to generate social change, and bring innovative technologies for good and humanitarian impact to the world! AwakeningGIANTS is a transformational, REAL TIME TV Series filmed on four continents! 

Our cast - The Giants - are transformational leaders, healers, coaches, entrepreneurs, students, trainers, financial experts, artists and people just like YOU who reveal their strengths and vulnerability in finding their next edge as Todays’ Community and Global Leaders. When you watch the episodes, you’ll cheer them on as they model a new way of leadership in the world, not through competition, greed, or one-upmanship, but by looking at their mistakes, self-questioning, and by being open-minded. You’ll be inspired by how they overcome fear, stress and anxiety and turn reactions into responses, fear into courage, embarrassment into self-confidence, and shame into shining, and find ways to give back and make a difference for others and our planet!

What potential is still asleep inside of you? Let’s wake it up!  
2 Days to Activate your AwakeningGIANT...
Find Your Next Edge

Face  and erase limiting beliefs to soar into your Wise Self! 

Create Your Movement

Turn on the Laws of Creativity and take Action! 
"Claim Your Voice"

Bring  your Message to a world hungry for hope! 

What Makes A Giant’s Journey DIFFERENT? 
You get to Experience the IMPACT!

While on location our Giants generated impact for others and the planet by raising money and being hands-on in service. 

In your 2 Day Virtual/Live Experience May 21 and 22, you will not only get to witness this impact, but join in and make impact happen! 

From discovering immediate ways to blast past your limiting beliefs, to recognizing what it takes for you to connect deeply to your mystical wizard as a child of God, by the end of our time together you will not only KNOW for SURE that you are a GIANT, meant to live your destiny full out, but you’ll have tools, resources, and new community cheering you on to show up for yourself, your value and your purpose!! 

But THERE IS SO MUCH MORE that makes A Giant’s Journey DIFFERENT from other workshops and events!
2-Days to Find Your Next Edge and Create Your Movement, Plus a BONUS Day to Claim Your Voice!
Lifetime access to a private, positive social community to support your unfolding Giant Journey
Watch & Win
Be the first to see the Newest Episodes of our TV Series and win prizes for helping us LAUNCH!


• may 21st and 22nd! •
 When you attend A GIANT JOURNEY, you’ll get to learn from, transform with, connect to our cast of GIANTS, thought leaders, trainers, and changemakers from around the world AND you’ll instantly get to EXPERIENCE Global Contribution! 

Not just because a portion of your ticket goes to humanitarian impact (it does), but because we BRING THE IMPACT TO YOU DURING THE EVENT!! So you get to feel PART of what we are co-creating together in a whole new way!


Be the FIRST EVER to get to see the GIANTS in action in the Premiere of AwakeningGIANTS NEW Episodes BEFORE we officially launch to  millions of viewers!!!


MAY 21st, 22nd with a Bonus Day on May 20th!

Virtual Live Stream from 12  p.m. - 3 p.m. Eastern Time

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Here's What You Get:
  • Be Live on ZOOM for 2 Days!
  • Interact on the Private Chat!
  • Opportunity to Win Prizes!
  • ​Be FIRST to watch AwakeningGIANTS newest episodes !
  • ​Receive a FREE TICKET to attend "Claim Your Voice Day" on May 20th featuring training from FIVE of our Starring Giants, plus other trainers to support you to Bring Your Heart to Your Message to be Heard! 
  • ​This Bonus Event is brought to you by Starring Giant, Gail Dixon, Speaker, Bestselling Author and Founder of The Heart's Voice Movement!
VIP Attendance!
Here's What You Get:
  • Private One on One Coaching for an Extra Hour after each days event with the Giants!
  • ​WATCH - Bonus Episode of AwakeningGIANTS during the event!
  • ​UNLOCKED ALL EPISODES of AwakeningGIANTS for 7 Days**
  • ​First to receive FREE Digital Gifts from our GIANTS!
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Recording of the Event!
Here's What You Get:
  • All that the VIP gets Plus…
  • ​Downloadable 7 Day GIANT Prosperity Program !
  • ​Attend a 60 Minute Mastermind May 23rd 3:33 pm Eastern Time with Spryte Loriano, the Creator of AwakeningGIANTS and Guest Giants!
GIANT Ambassador!
Here's What You Get:
  • All that the VIP GOLD gets Plus…
  • ​Get clean water to 100 people for TEN YEARS!
* Giant Impact Fund supports the various organizations that are highlighted during the event..

Meet Your Hosts and Trainers

More Giants and Special Guests will also be joining us!!! Stay Tuned!! 

Spryte Loriano, Host, Creator AwakeningGIANTS

A visionary humanitarian and a conscious business and media producer, who has helped transform thousands of lives around the world, Spryte is obsessed with inspiring herself and others to live a high vibrational, awakened life. For nearly a decade, as an International Speaker to audiences as large as 13,000, and a Transformational Leader, she’s been crafting a unique form of “Contribution-Travel” that over 1400 entrepreneurs have experienced on four continents, which became the basis for the upcoming TV series, AwakeningGIANTS.

Sammy Blindell

Samm.y is a multi-award winning international speaker, multiple best selling author and Chief Visionary Officer behind The Brand Builders Club and the One Drop Movement. In 2014 she launched her first online business after building 6 'bricks and mortar' businesses, taking it from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in just 12 weeks. Sammy is a Change Maker on a mission to create a global ripple effect of positive change, working with purpose driven changemakers to liberate their message and create an empowered world

Megan Sillito

Megan Sillito playfully runs her own global transformation based company and has launched thousands of creators to build fulfilling & lucrative lives (and businesses) for over 23 years. She’s taken her signature event, Live Your Magic, to 8 cities and 4 countries. She is a catalyzer of magic and genius opening you up to what’s truly possible.For over 20 years, Megan has masterfully facilitated deep transformation in individuals and groups from all walks of life; from entrepreneurs to artists and housewives to NASA engineers. Like a court jester, she has creatively led thousands to reach beyond their limiting beliefs of what is possible, to claim their “having it all”, ridiculous life. 

Lynn Rose

Founder/CEO of the WOWMaker, aPositive Social Media Platform Designed To Drive Global Change for You AND our World, Lynn Rose, an award-winning media and entertainment entrepreneur, business consultant.She’s shared the stage and/or screen with Stevie Wonder, Meryl Streep, Richard Dreyfus, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Matthew McConnaughy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mariah Carey, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and countless other luminaries, and been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC, film and more. Behind the scenes, she’s worked with billion-dollar CEOs, celebrities, thought leaders, and experts..

Charissa Sims

Charissa Sims is the host of the International Podcast, “You, Inspired”, #1 Best Selling author of Change Your Energy Change Your Life, Best Selling Children’s book author, entrepreneur, mom, teacher, corporate consultant and spiritual healer. She has studied meditation, spiritual healing and has learned to master her own healing abilities. For over ten years, she has worked as a spiritual healer and has changed people’s lives in the areas of releasing spirits, relationship cord cutting. In the past, she has been a professor at the University of Southern California. Ms. Sims has worked with Amazon, Google, FOX, NBC Universal, and many more thousands of companies, non-profits and schools.

Leah Lund

Leah Lund is the Creator of One Whole Health™ and the Spiritual Wealth Creation Method™ and an award-winning Author, Speaker and Host of the #IAmVibrant podcast. Based on her vast experience as an Energy Coach + Spiritual Leader, her Divine Energy Attunement Solution™ and Spiritual Wealth Creation Method™ helps entrepreneurs, coaches, business pros, healers and visionary leaders sustain your energy and focus by building greater capacity to direct your own frequency so you can hold space for your movement, mission or business without sacrificing your health, personal passions or spiritual connection. Her Inspirement Life™ planner is a weekly planner like no other that helps you breathe LIFE back into your business and dreams. Leah helps you unlearn the hustle and connect with the Divine so you can create your desired reality with ease.

Janelle Anderson

Janelle Anderson is an international speaker, Mindset Transformation Coach, and event host/mc/comedienne. For 16 years, Janelle’s life was a total soul sucking parade of loss. Her signature program, The Value Impact, turns what should have been the next sad country song into a message of empowerment and encouragement (with a heap of inspiration, and a whole lot of belly laughs). Janelle has the incredible ability to call everyone in her audience forward into the best version of themselves, even when they can’t see it. CEOs, coaches, and so many others tell Janelle all the time, they just want to follow her around for a day and record everything she says. One talk from Janelle, and you will be empowered to passionately pursue your vision for your life, know your value is not because of…it just is, and seek your own impact on the world.  

Burge Smith Lyons

Burge Smith-Lyons is founder and CEO of Essence of Being, Inc. For more than 38 years, she has helped thousands of men, women, children and companies globally with healing, self-development, communication techniques, relationships, abundance, team building, and leadership development. Burge is an international bestselling author, motivational and keynote speaker, DISC Certified Instructor, and relationship and communications expert. She is an intuitive healer, certified rebirther, certified hypnotherapist, family & divorce spiritual counselor, and ordained minister, and Channel for the group soul of avatars Shamanaste. She has launched the Conscious Leadership Academy in North America, Africa, and Europe and taught live transformational workshops on 6 continents. The Conscious Leadership Academy has built a school in Liberia for over 300 children and women.

Jenni Winter-Leach

Growing up with a clear calling and passion for horses but being led to believe “there is no money in horses”, Jenni spent her early career accelerating fast in Global Talent Management Consultancy for a world leading telecoms company. She quickly realised that her passion and talents were in supporting people to be their best. Her entrepreneurial mindset, ability to solve problems and passion for competing with horses led her to leave her corporate career and follow her purpose, setting up Flying Changes Mindset.
In the last few years, she steered her company from an idea to a 6 figure generating global business and Jenni is now an international award winning speaker, international best selling author, in demand trainer and top Equestrian Mindset and Performance Psychology Master Coach world wide. She is also the founder of the Equestrian Development and Empowerment Network – a global movement supporting horse riders to perform at their best and enjoy their passion to the full.

Linda Fostek

Linda Fostek is an international speaker, best selling author, TV show host, and consultant.

Founder of The Crisis Planner providing tools and resources preparing for life unexpected to get off the Worry-go-round.

Creator of The Science Labs series of children's books with science lessons and activities designed to encourage imagination and creativity for the future problem solvers the world needs.
Active in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), NAICP (National Aging in Place Council) and Orion Senior Resources; she happily serves her community and supports others with her positive attitude and her smile.

Hear What Others Say About Our GIANTS
 Natalie Ledwell
"If you get an opportunity to listen to her, pay very close attention. She's one of the few people in this field that really understands what they're talking about."
–Bob Proctor

"I felt that I could relate to Natalie – I felt that she does genuinely care about all of her students, which she does, and she's proven that numerous times. She's not just a face of a course that you never actually have any contact with. I honestly can't recommend her enough as a teacher."
– Charlotte Pingriff

Werner Berger
"His quick and solid understanding of our ‘eclectic’ culture and the high importance placed on building Leadership at our company has enabled us to move the organization forward and grow our business. Werner lives up to his own Personal Mission Statement helping us ‘harness human potential’ to achieve the results we strive for continuously. Critical to the success of this very customized development program that he facilitated is the ‘experiential component’ of every part of his approach."
– Tony Scutella,The Clorox Company of Canada 

Spryte Loriano
"I’ve seen her go from navigating the boardroom of a billion dollar company to moving an audience of 13,000 to tears, to leading me on the greatest humanitarian journey of my life."
- Matt Morris, Matt Morris Training Systems

Christy Whitman
"Christy is amazing. Working with Christy helped me release fears, old disempowering beliefs and negative energy. As an example, before it was challenging to spend just one week with my family as they were quickly pushing my buttons. Today I can remain centered when in their presence, accept them as they are, and most important is being at peace and appreciating them. "   
– Carmen Draghici

"I feel so grateful. Christy did a healing on me and later that day I got mysteriously upgraded to first class. Now more long term something incredible is happening. I used to have serious daily migraines. ...Fast forward from two months ago, I feel like a new person. I don't think this is coincidence.. I was literally saved from an addiction I didn't know I had, and in doing so am releasing past traumas." 
– Jennifer Freibely

Akshay Nanavati
"I stand behind Akshay and his work 100%. If you have the chance to work with this guy run, don’t walk. This is a guy who can literally help you transform your life and you would be smart to take advantage of that opportunity."
–  Jack Canfield, 7 Times NY Times Best Selling Author

"You Knocked it out of the park! We got outrageous results because of YOU."
– Profit Rich Academy 

Eva Charlotte Larsson Ruiz
"Eva Charlotte is a great master. She trained with me for 10 years and is one of my very best apprentices. During that time Eva also acted as my business manager and she took my business and message to a whole new level, for which I am forever grateful. Eva has spoken worldwide, taught workshops and done deep transformational work with groups and individuals… as well as with herself. She is fearless in her quest for truth, freedom and love. With her love for life, centeredness and very strong intent, she can make anything happen. I would not hesitate to recommend her for anything she sets her mind to."
– don Miguel Ruiz, Author of New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements and many more. 

"Eva is divinely connected in her daily life, living from a place of integrity and passion. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her on several occasions, experiencing her both as a business manager and teacher, and I would gladly recommend her for both roles.As a teacher, Eva has the ability to make complex transformational concepts clear and easily understandable to every day people. She walks her talk and embodies the peace and love she talks about. We also share a mutual love for humanitarian work. I look forward to collaborating with Eva on many more occasions."
– Steve Farrell, Worldwide Coordinating Director for Humanity’s Team and Global Oneness Summit 
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